I am a Freelance (Self-employed) Consultant in Applied and Analytical Public Health, Social and Behavioural Science and Climate Change Resilience. I work on a range of assignments for UK government public health, international development and environmental agencies, a private sector medical humanitarian service provider and engineering firms. I was previously been employed as an NGO PR advisor and radio broadcast journalist. I am also a Celtic/Nordic folk and jazz singer and songwriter, and folk, jazz and classical flute and whistle player. My creative practice actively informs my thinking on health, well-being, urban development and climate change issues.

My current work centres on

  • applied and academic public health and behavioural and social science research
  • international development programme evaluation and quality assurance
  • strategies to integrate gender equality & social inclusion, and climate change issues into international development programmes
  • media and communications strategies, especially for behaviour change programmes
  • musical performance and composition across folk-pop, jazz and classical

Please use these pages to explore my work and if you think I can help you, don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form provided on my Homepage. I offer competitive daily fee rates for public and private sector clients.