Environmental Psychology, Public Health, Climate Resilience, Social Development & Urban Development Consulting and Music

Edinburgh / London

Photo: Copyright © Cathy Mungall-Baldwin 2020

Public health

The outdoor environment
by Reykjavík’s Tjörnin.


Visit to Kenya with DFID’s SHINE
Somalia Health and Nutrition Programme.


G Festival 2019, Faroe Islands


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Analysis and Creativity


“It is in my blood and keeps me going when all else is lost.”

Having an analytical and a creative brain means thinking with imagination and empathy for the people affected by the challenge being analysed.

Entrepreneurial, Systems-Level Thinking

Whilst people with a broad CV used to be seen as more complicated to slot into an organisation, solving the world’s problems today demands systems-level thinkers who can see across multiple sectors and policy areas. To be broad is a special skill.

Social media



Collaborators & Homies

When required, I have a network of Collaborators and Homies across the professional spheres of public health, psychology, development urban economics, art and design, environmental epidemiology, education, journalism and writing, music, and other areas that I work with. They are all highly qualified and internationally distributed.